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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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Terms and Conditions

Information You Must KNOW....

1.This is not a Scheme /Cheat Fund /Investment Company
2. We do not offer you Easy Money/Get Rich Quick Schemes
3. We offer you non- refundable any packages which are very cost effective and great value for money.
4. We also offer you an optional/ complimentary Business Opportunity which does not include any cost.
5. Our Company and Representative does not pressurize any person to Purchase/Sell our any Packages. It is one's own choice (Whether he/she wants to purchase or sell the package) 
6. You can earn commission only if you sell our packages. In case you are unable to sell our packages you will not earn any income from us.
7. We have various rewards (Mobile, Laptop, Bike, Car etc.) which you can get only when you achieve our Sales targets.
8. We are a Direct Selling Company, The truth is that it takes time, effort and energy to build a business. Just by purchasing a Fashion Package & Personal Care Products from us does not entitle you for any income. To receive a regular income from this business opportunity, you need to put in the time and efforts to see results.


MY DREAMWAY NETWORK Pvt. Ltd.The company has been incorporated with a mission to provide an opportunity to explore various places across the nation and enjoy quality life which everyone aspires for. It aims to spread an awareness about holidays fashion and  e-education among the masses.

Some important points to be remembered before committing to My Dreamway  Netowork Pvt. Ltd.

                                                                   DREAMWAY Termination Policy

On joining My Dream way Network Pvt. Ltd. An Associate is in mutually agreement with all the terms and conditions of the company.

  1. The Associate is not allowed to use the DREAMWAY Packages / Educational Software of the company,which is against any law or public policy or Contrary to any of the terms and conditions of the company. Any re-printing, re-distribution, duplication of any DREAMWAY product/package or sale/use of the Product / Services of the company through Unlawful means will result in the termination from the Business programme of the company and the Associate shall be subject to prosecution under the Civil / Criminal law.

   2. The company shall by no means take the responsibility For the acts of an Associate which are beyond the

       Terms and Conditions agreed between the company And its Associate.

   3. Any Associate working on false identity will also be liable to criminal prosecution.

   4. If any associate is found indulging in any Anti-company activities like disturbing any Private or public

       business meeting or interrupting in free teaching seminars organized by the Associate of the company,

       he/she shall be himself/herself accountable for the adverse consequences as the company reserves the

       right to terminate any Business Associate from the Business immediately without any written notice.

   5. If an associate engages in any Acts / Deeds that are detrimental to the interest of the company, the company

       reserves the right to terminate the said Business Associate from the Business without assigning any reasons

       and with or without giving any written notice to an Associate.

   6. If any associate wishes to produce / publish any promotional materials such as CDs, VCDs, Books, Audio cassettes etc.

       for distribution to other DREAM WAY Associate he/she should seek the prior written permission from the company.

       However any promotional material such as CDs, VCDs, Books, Audio cassettes etc. produced by any DREAMWAY Associate

       is applicable only for FREE distribution to other Associate/guests. Violation of this will call for immediate termination from

       the Business Programme of the company in addition to it severe penalty will be imposed on the said associate and the

       Associate will be liable to prosecution under the commercial Law if any violation of Copyright / Trademark patent / Designs

       Law is found.

   7. The company shall not be responsible for any misuse or information or material provided, However the Associate shall

       be solely responsible for any inaccurate information published on the registration form or any other material supplied to

       the prospective applicants.

   8. Any associate not actively promoting DREAMWAY packages but drawing commission due to the efforts of upline and downline

       shall not be entitled for any benefits whatsoever from the company.

                                                                  DREAMWAY Refundable/ Cancellation Policy

  1. It is mutually agreed between the parties that the Associate is free to evaluate the purchased product online and is allowed to send his/her confirmation after complete satisfaction. If satisfied, then the confirmation should reach at company's office within 4 days from the date of registration in form of required payment and document as per the policy of the company. In case the Associate fails to make payment within the aforesaid 4 days period to the company, this Agreement will stand cancelled or will be deemed as null and void ab-initio. The Associate would receive complete product from the company during this period. If Associate sends his /her consent prior to 4 days, it would be deemed that he / she is completely satisfied with the DREAMWAY product and this agrees to all the Terms and Conditions of the company.

   2. In case an Associate wishes to cancel his / her Product / Services for any reasons he/she can apply within 4 days

       (inclusive the payment receiving day) from the date of the payment and whence the duly signed in invoice form is received by

       the company either through a written request or by posting the cancellation request at mydreamwaynetwork@gmail.com to

       seek refund. Please note that all the cancellation requests will be received only until 5 P.M on the last date of the above

       mentioned period of 4 days.

   3. The Associate is entitled for refundable amount after deducting processing fee of Rs. 15% and applicable Service Tax as per

       Govt. of India. if In such case this Agreement will be deemed to have been terminated and null and void ab-initio.

   4. It is in mutual agreement between the parties here to, that the company has a liberty to modify the quantity of consideration

       payable under this Agreement in future or provide additional Product / Services as may be desired by the company.

   5. All the payment must be cash deposit or made through Bank Demand Draft drawn on the name of MY DREAMWAY NETWORK

       Pvt. Ltd. payable at Pune only and the photocopy of the Bank Demand Draft must be retained very carefully.

       Note: No other address other than the prescribed address shall be entertained for payment.

   6. An Associate is entitled to purchase DREAMWAY Packages only after accepting all the Online Terms and Conditions.

       However, company also accepts the following DECLARATION duly signed in by Purchasing Associate and authenticated

       by Selling Associate in order to double ensure the purchase of the DREAMWAY Packages.


  • (For the purchase of a DREAMWAY Packages) reads as follows:​​


                       "Certified that I am atleast 18 years of age and have completed matric from recognised board. I have read and completely   understood all the Terms and Conditions for availing DREAMWAY Packages. I am aware of all the DREAMWAY TERMINATION AND   CANCELLATION POLICIES and here to the consequences if any. I have carefully read the Terms and Conditions and FAQs applicable

 to MY DREAMWAY NETWORK Pvt. Ltd. as given on website www.mydreamway.in and i agree / accept to them. I am signing   this   DECLARATION with complete understanding and with my own WILL, without any PRESSURE and INFLUENCE. I am aware that any   dispute arising out of this purchase would first be solved as per Terms and Conditions of the company, failing which could be   addressed exclusively in jurisdiction of PUNE MAHARASHTRA only."

                                                                              DREAMWAY Moral/Ethical Policy

  1) No associate shall indulge in any anti- Activity of the company and against the company, if found guilty he/she shall be liable

      to prosecution.

  2) No Associate shall be allowed to misuse the payment of the Purchasing / selling Associate, if found suspicious company

      reserves the right to terminate  from Dream way Business.

  3) The Company reserve the right of termination from Business if incase any Associate forge the signatures of purchasing /

      selling associate of the company. In such cases the Associate is liable to criminal prosecution.

  4) Keeping in view the ethical values of the society the company reserves the right to terminate the Business of the Associate

      if he/she tries to go against moral and ethical standards of the society when attending DREAMWAY Business Meetings,

      Seminars, Conventions, Workshop, etc.


  5) My DREAMWAY NETWORK Pvt. Ltd. believes in spreading the message of respect, unity and goodwill, therefore no misbehavior

      on the part of its Associate shall be entertained. Company reserves all the rights to nullify the Business and association with

      the questioned Associate.

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